A Thanksgiving Day Rescue


On Thanksgiving Day, (not a holiday celebrated in Sochi) we received a call from a college student. "Do you have room for two more?" she asked. Two more what? was our first question.  

At the time we were driving back to the shelter from the veterinarian's office so we turned the car around and headed back into the city to the university. 

 The"two" she had been referring to were actually three puppies that had been left outside in a pommes frites box in the parking lot. 

Their pudgy wrinkly faces looked lost and confused. Obviously they had been born into a home and then someone loaded them up into a cardboard and dumped them outside. Why? 

The student said she could take one of them home, but there were two more who still needed help.                                                     Quite frankly we are over capacity in our puppy quarantine area but how could we say no?  We'll be in close touch with her if she needs any help caring for the little guy. 

Puppy outside University

The two other brothers were taken to the shelter. They will be assessed by the vet, given vaccinations, neutered and prepared for adoption. 

We are fairly certain they are shar pei mixes so their faces will only get wrinklier and cuter! Below are two photos of us caring the puppies to the car. They both need names! The first two people to give a $50 donation to contribute to their care will be given the chance to name one of the puppies. Click here to donate and add your desired name in the memo box on the paypal page. We'll update this blog when all the p

These puppies like so many in Sochi were most likely born in a home to a pet that has not been spayed. They were unwanted and thrown out on the street. That is why Sochi Dogs has started an education campaign in Sochi. Learn more here.