Sochi Dogs: Part of the Solution  

The stray dog population in Sochi is growing exponentially. This population is the product of dogs born on the street and discarded puppies that were born to families who do not understand importance of spaying and neutering. The city does not have shelters to accommodate stray dogs and with each passing day and each litter of puppies the situation progressively worsens. Sochi Dogs has devised a plan to curb the population through an extensive education initiative and spay/neuter program.
Education Initiative:

To help pet owners understand the importance of spaying and ensure they have the resources they need to make the correct decision we have devised a Russian website which provides reasons to spay dogs, medical information about the procedure and serves as a resource to help pet owners find local veterinarians.  You can visit the site here.

To promote the site and further educate the community we are working with pro-bono media professionals to create engaging public service announcements. Our first radio reel debuted in the summer of 2015 and continues to play on radio stations throughout the city. You can listen to it here. Currently we are working on print ads to display around the city. We hope to share our resources with other communities around the world that face similar problems.

Spay/Neuter Program:

The first phase of our spay/neuter program is underway. We are reaching out to animal advocates in the community and helping them spay/neuter stray dogs by providing them with the only low/no-cost program in the region.

During the second phase of the program we will be traveling to rural communities around Sochi, speaking to pet owners and offering to bring their animals to veterinarians for the procedures. 

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