Linda is going to Poland on Friday! 

We are very excited to announce that the Shar Pei Foundation of Poland will be working to give Linda a permanent home in Poland. 

You may remember when we found Linda  in late June. She has been living at a construction site with her puppies and when the work was finished a worker had informed us that Linda and her family could be killed. 

When we discovered Linda she had terrible arthritis after what the vet thinks was a car accident and awful skin allergies. A foster family has been giving her special food and medication to help with the ailments. But unfortunately there is not a lot more that can be done to help her in Sochi. 

The Shar Pei Foundation of Poland has offered to step in. They will be evaluating her and placing her into a foster home. Once she is feeling better she will go to a permanent home. We are very excited for Linda because in Poland she will be able to receive veterinary care that she needs. 

A huge thank you to everyone who supported her rescue! Thank you Dominika Skyler and Jessica Wojciechowska-Walczak in Poland for making it happened.  Thank you to the wonderful Plotnikov family in Sochi who gave her a temporary home. And thank you Vlada for rescuing her, without you none of this would be possible!

Any contribution to Linda’s trip will be greatly appreciated and can be made here

When found, July 2015

In a foster home, August 2015

At the vet, final checkup before the flight, December 2015