Got Questions?

What is Sochi Dogs?

Sochi Dogs is an international rescue organization committed to helping stray dogs by educating communities, promoting spay/neuter programs and finding homes for homeless and abandoned dogs. Our volunteer-run shelter is in Sochi, Russia. We began shortly before the 2014 Winter Olympic Games, when Russian officials began poisoning stray dogs. Learn more about what we do here.

How do I adopt a Sochi Dog?

Adopting a Sochi Dog is easy! Read about our adoption process here and fill out an adoption application. Tell us which dog you are interested in adopting, and we’ll contact you in 48 hours.

Can I meet the dog first?

The majority of our dogs are in our shelter in Sochi and we have a few dogs in NJ in foster homes at any given time. We do our best to match you to a dog that will fit your needs and lifestyle. We operate on a foster-to-adopt model and you will have a chance to determine if the dog is a good fit with your family after arriving from Sochi. Dogs that are in foster care in NJ may be able to have a meet and greet before adoption for serious inquiries, once the application is approved. They are also adopted on a foster-to-adopt model. The first step is always to fill out an application and we will coordinate with you to make the rest of the arrangements.

Can I change my dog’s name?

Yes! Some dogs may know their names upon arrival and others do not. Either way you are more than welcome to select a new name for your dog. It will probably take your new dog about a week to adjust to the name change.

Can you connect me to families who have already adopted Sochi dogs?

Absolutely! Sochi Dog adopters have formed a closed community on Facebook, just ask us and we can connect you. Or let us know where you are from and we can find a Sochi Dog adopter in your area for you to speak with.

Is there any quarantine for dogs entering the US, Canada or the EU?

There is no quarantine for dogs entering the US, Canada, or the EU from Sochi. However at least 30 days must pass from the date of their last rabies vaccine.

Where do the dogs at the shelter come from ?

The dogs at our shelter were either abandoned by their owners or born as strays. Some Sochi residents bring community dogs to our shelter when they learn that town officials will be poisoning dogs in their area. All the dogs available for adoption are vetted, 100% vaccinated and spayed/neutered. In addition they are administered a fecal exam, heartworms testing, deworming medication and given a flea/tick preventative.

Where do you adopt?

At the moment we can only adopt along the east coast in the US within driving distance of central NJ. We adopt to NJ, NY, PA as well as CT, MD, MA, and RI if the adopter is willing to travel.

We were previously able to adopt at a greater distance but due to limited resources we have had to put this practice on hold. Should we be able to offer adoptions at a great distance in the future, our website will be updated to reflect the change.

What is the adoption fee?

The adoption fee is $450 and covers the cost of vaccinations, spay/neuter, microchipping, and travel.

Do Sochi Dogs speak English?

Most Sochi dogs have never heard English spoken to them. There are a lot of similar sounding words in English and Russian and dogs primarily focus on the first one or two syllables of a word. They are also great at understanding gestures. So no need to pull out a dictionary, you’ll understand each other just fine.

Why do you ask for my social media profile in the adoption questionnaire? What if I don’t want to provide it?

Social media is a great way for us to get to know our adopters before meeting them and it’s an important part of our screening. It can help verify information on your application which means we can process your application faster. We also have a Facebook community that we ask all of our adopters to join once they adopt from us and knowing you have a Facebook profile means that you will be able to join and keep in touch on that platform. If you do not have social media you are still welcome to apply and we will give your application equal consideration.

Will my Sochi dog be house-trained?

Most shelter dogs have never lived in a house before but they understand the concept of not soiling their space. Generally, adult dogs learn to go outside within the first week and puppies require house-breaking just like any other dogs. Some dogs have been trained in foster homes and they will be completely housebroken from the start. We'll always indicate if a dog is housebroken in its description.

Are Sochi dogs crated at the shelter?

Other than on the flights, Sochi Dogs does not crate dogs. They live in small enclosures with a couple dogs to each on. Visit our shelter here.

Can my dog be trained to be a working dog or as a service animal?

Generally, we do not adopt our dogs into homes where they will be used as working dogs or as service animals. Since we often do not have a full history of dogs that come into our care we cannot guarantee how these dogs will react in every situation. For that reason we do not recommend them to homes that are specifically seeking a service or working animal.

What if I don't know what dog I want?

No problem! Fill out the adoption form and in the comments just tell us about the kind of dog you are looking for. Do you want a big dog or a small dog? An energetic dog or someone who is a little more mellow? We’ll find your perfect match!

How can I help?

Sochi Dogs relies entirely on donations from individuals and the work of our volunteers. Please consider donating, even if it’s just a few dollars. Every little bit helps us save more stray dogs. Or better yet, volunteer, foster or adopt! Also, we are looking for donations of items and art pieces that we could sell in our store or services that we can raffle off. Have other ideas? We are always looking for people to join our team, just contact us.

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