Bring home a Sochi Dog

Adopting a Sochi dog is an incredible way to change the world a dog and become part of a dedicated community devoted to helping animals in need. By adopting you’re giving a dog who would otherwise live a life on the street a second chance. The Sochi dogs make wonderful, loyal companions and they’ll always be grateful for everything you do.

Think you’re ready to bring home a pooch? Here are the steps to adopt a Sochi Dog:

1. Check out our available dogs and submit an application. If you're not sure who you want to adopt, don’t worry, our team can help match you with the right dog.

2. If your application is a match for one of our available dogs, we’ll contact you within 48 hours to schedule a phone call and get to know you better and understand your lifestyle and preference for a canine companion. Please note, if you don’t hear from us it probably means that we don’t have a dog for you, but we have new dogs arriving all the time and we hold on to all the applications we receive so may reach out in the future.

3. Once we’re positive we have the perfect dog for you, the anticipation to meet your new best friend begins! If your match is in Sochi you’ll put down a $75 deposit and we’ll get started on making travel arrangements and coordinating times for you to meet your new family member. Dogs usually fly within 1-3 weeks after the deposit is paid. Your trial adoption period is one week from the date of pick-up, but we can be flexible is needed. If the dog is already in a foster home in NJ, we’ll coordinate a time for you to meet.

About our Matching Process

We do everything we can to ensure a successful placement. This means we want to learn about your home, lifestyle, and what you are looking for in a canine companion. If you have applied for a particular dog and we think we have a better match for you we will suggest them to you. We can also help you decide the best dog for you if you’re not sure who you want. We believe that our matching process is one of the factors responsible for our high rate of successful adoptions.

About our Foster-to-Adopt model

All of our adopters have a 1-week trial period to decide if the dog is the right match for you. Should you decide the adoption is not working out, you can notify us within the first week and we will coordinate a time to take the dog back into a foster home and issue a refund of the adoption fee minus the $75 deposit. You will need to commit to foster the dog for 14 dogs should the placement not work out, we are usually able to find a new place for the dog faster than 14 days but in some cases, it may take the full 2 weeks. If you are happy with your adoption after one week, the adoption will be finalized.

Extensions can be made to the trial period if there are extenuating circumstances, please get in touch with us as soon as possible if you think you will need an extension. If at any point after the adoption is finalized you become unable or unwilling to care for the dog it must be returned to us and no refund will be issued for the adoption fee.

Adoption Fee

The adoption fee is $450 and includes all vaccinations, spay/neuter, and transportation.

Adoption Radius

We currently adopt to NJ, NY, PA, and also CT, RI, MD, MA, NH, VT if the adopter is willing to travel for pick-up.

After Adoption

Once you bring home a Sochi dog, you’re part of the Sochi Dog Family! We have an excellent community of adopters that share stories about their Sochi dogs and ask and answer questions in our closed Facebook group. This is a great resource for our prospective Sochi dog parents. If you are interested in joining the group, send us an email at and we will be happy to extend an invitation to you.

Additionally, we have behavioral consultation service available exclusively to our adopters at no cost. If you ever run into a training or behavioral question, we have experts on our team that will help guide you through it.

Still have questions? Check out our FAQs

Pick your new best friend and fill out the adoption application!