Do You Remember Kohanna?


It’s hard to imagine that these two pictures are of the same dog, Kohanna taken just ten months apart.

When we rescued Kohanna she had a broken neck after she had been beaten and dragged to a river to be drowned.

After a complicated surgery and long, very difficult 10 months of rehabilitation process, Kohana found her forever home in NJ. Her family says “We renamed Kohanna Bandit and she’s doing great! ” Bandit loves to play in the yard with her k-9 sibling, another Sochi Dog and cuddle up on the couch after a long day with her boys.

We are so incredibly grateful for the support of our community and Masha’s incredible dedication. Masha had driven out to rescue Kohana when we first got the call and she spent hours by her side day and night - checking in on her after surgery, giving her medication, feeding her through a tube, cleaning up after her and taking her to numerous vet appointments. If you missed Kohanna’s rescue story you can find it here.

Sochi Dogs love Summer!

All of these rescue dogs are soaking up the sun in their new homes! Each of one of these k-9s was found abandoned on the street, spent time at the Sochi Shelter and found forever families to share their love with!

Platon turns 5!

Today we're celebrating a very special birthday! Our best Sochi Dogs volunteer and head trainer turns 5! Platon may only be just 5 years old, but with his kindness and love, he's been able to touch the lives of so many dogs. Here is a look at a few of those lucky k-9s.

Happy birthday, Platon!

Lulu tragedy

The past 24 hours have been a whirlwind. Yesterday we woke up to alarming news — a dog had fallen into a nearby canal and was scrambling to survive. There was no-one around who could help.


Our team rushed out and arrived to find the dog fighting against current. She couldn’t move her back legs and she couldn't climb out. We jumped into action to organize an emergency rescue operation to pull the dog, now named Lulu to safety. Unclear about what had happened to Lulu, we drove her to vet. An X-ray showed an injury on her 4th lumbar vertebrae and on top of that she had a high fever.

Lulu is beautiful lab-mix who is so grateful to be safe and we are determined to do everything we can for her. At this point, we are anticipating an extensive surgery that may give her the chance to walk again and a lengthy rehabilitation process. We need all the support we can get to care for Lulu right now.
Thank you and we’ll keep everyone updated as Lulu's treatment is finalized in the coming days.