How I Chose My Sochi Dog

Our adopters share stories about how they decided  which of our Sochi Dogs was right for them. 

Lola and Djonik

When I first found, I felt an immediate connection with some of the dogs. Djonik (Johnny ) was one of them. Lola was another. They say that the dog picks the owner, and I truly believe that . Maybe it's a certain look in their eyes, or certain characteristic, I'm not sure. We almost immediately adopted Lola and are so happy we did, but I had this feeling like I'd left someone behind. I was always checking the website hoping that these dogs would get adopted. 

Over the next few months, several of the original Sochidogs have gotten their freedom flight to Canada and the US, and Scotland, but Djonik was still there, waiting. We always thought that two dogs was our limit, but after hearing the stories of the people in this group with several more dogs and kids. We thought "what the heck", we've got enough room, and plenty of love to give. So, we brought Johnny home!

-Keith Goodno


The left photo is of our first two dogs, Sky, and Finnigan.
Sky is a Rottweiler Irish wolf mix, and Finnigan was a street dog from Greece. 
When looking at the dogs on the Sochi dog site I came across Finnins picture (the right photo), and immediately thought he looked like a combination of both of our previous dogs. His personality also seems to a combination of both dogs. Sky has a silly dopey puppy attitude, and Finnigan was more reserved and calm.

-Colin Maxwell


We were specifically searching for a Vizsla. And Willow just spoke to me from the very first photo I saw of her. I found out later she was the feature dog on the Sochi Rescue page at the time smile emoticon We were so lucky to get her home to us!! 

This is one of my favorite family photos from the trip this weekend. All of us trying to get Willow to look at the camera while she just stares at us .

-Amy Krusinger


We needed a dog that would get along with our cats, Anna suggested Jaxon (Dan) to my son and that was that. When I looked at pictures of his litter for some reason I couldn't stop staring at him he looked like such an old soul in a puppy body.
So I guess we have to thank Anna. We just wanted to help a puppy it really didn't matter which one to us. 
He's so loved.

-Nina Neal


This was the picture that I was first sent.....I was at the Olympics in Sochi playing for the U.S. women's hockey team, and I saw many strays throughout my time there. We even saw 2 men pull up in a white van and take a dog who was just laying peacefully on the sidewalk basking in the sun, it literally brought me to tears and after that I had to do something to help. I rode around the athlete village on a bike looking for dogs to feed...I decided do some research and googled how to adopt a Sochi stray. A few links popped up with info from several shelters, I emailed 2 of them and heard back right away...I asked for pictures since I wouldn't be able to go pick one out, I chose the first picture that was sent to me because I couldn't bare deciding which dog to save over any others. I immediately fell in love with "Kapitosha" now called Shayba (named after the hockey rink we played at in Sochi, it means hockey puck in Russian) or Shay for short..She has turned out to be the best dog and I would adopt her a million times over again! 

-Kelli Stack


I stumbled across Sochi Dogs when I read about all the killing before the Olympics. The official organization hadn't even started yet. I saw Sochi's pic and I told Vlada that I really liked her dog. She said "oh no", that wasn't her dog, the dog was up for adoption. Just liked her unique look. So I offered to pay half her adoption cost for someone else to adopt - no go - no takers. Well, the rest is history!

-Romy Williams


Hilton was drawn to Louk because he said Louk had kind, soulful eyes. (I was drawn to many dogs, and was thrilled there was finally a dog we both felt we could love).

-Kathryn Scott


I was searching for a German Shepard Pa and NJ. Looked at 40-50 pics and then came across this gorgeous face
And I can say it was  at first site!!!!

-Mimi Carrier