The look in this mom dog's eyes said everything. 

This weekend as the temperatures in Sochi are starting to drop, we found this mom dog in an empty lot trying to survive with her newborn puppies. 

When we approached her, the mom welcomed us wagging her tail. It's clear that up until a few days ago this sweet girl was living in a home but as soon as she had puppies the whole family was tossed out. 

The mom was lost and desperately looking for help. Her puppies were still too young to open their eyes and she needed to feed them and keep them warm. 


Mom watched carefully as we bent down to scoop them up and put them in a crate. Once we put her in the car next to them, she relaxes a bit. You could tell just how happy she was to be off the street. The entire family is with our foster partner Lena, where they are warm, fed, safe and loved. Once they are ready they'll be at the shelter and ready for adoption. Helping this family off the street has not only saved them but has also prevented countless of other dogs from being born. 

Hi, My Name is Buck

Hi, my name is Buck!   Just a week ago I lived on the street and now I am at the shelter! I love everything here: people, food, dogs and my kennel.  Thanks to Frank, he did not pass by me. Frank, comes often to visit Sochi all the way from Alberta! I am actually the third homeless dog, who he has found on the street and taken to the shelter.  Thank you, Vlada, Masha and the Sochi Dogs team for coordinating my pickup, a vet visit, and taking care of me.  I am a very good dog and promise, I will be a great companion.

Be in touch, check my page, more pictures are coming! In a few months, I will be available for adoption and I would be happy to be a part of your family!




Tigger's Journey Home

When Tigger, (now Yuri) was sitting on a stoop as a tiny puppy in October 2014, he probably never imagined that one day he'd have his very own home—food just for him, a soft bed to sleep on, and more love than he could ever imagine, but it would be a long road to get there. 


Yuri spent two and a half years at the shelter, that's about 974 days! He watched dogs come and go. Some days new dogs would show up looking frightened after just being picked up on the street and he'd try to play with them. Other days his best buddies would be getting groomed and whisked off to their forever homes. Through it all Yuri waited patiently, playing with Platon, greeting newcomers, and quietly sleeping in his dog house. 

On one of those ordinary days as Yuri paced around his run, Sochi Dogs received an email that would change his life forever! Dan-Michel had been quietly following Yuri's story for a little while, waiting for the right time to adopt. Things just weren't lining up, but he knew Yuri couldn't wait to go home, so Dan-Michel took the plunge.

It was finally Yuri's turn to get groomed and taken on a long car ride to the airport. Yuri arrived at JFK Airport on Saturday, June 17, 2017, and just like he had been a regular road-tripper hopped into Tanya's car and enjoyed the scenery all the way up to Lake George, NY where he met Dan-Michel, his new best friend. 


Yuri lives on the outskirts of Montreal, Canada and for the first time in his life he is sleeping on the soft bed and dreaming of his shelter friends find their forever homes too! 

When You Think Someone Is Coming Back  - And then they don't.

Can you imagine this munchkin sitting outside of a store waiting for her owner all night? Sadly her owner never came back... 
Late that night after the store had closed and it was clear no-one was coming for Josie, Vlada took her back to her apartment, where Josie spent the night. Josie is now the newest resident at the Sochi Dogs shelter. She is house-trained, likes cats and other dogs. Josie will ready to go home to her true forever family soon!