Sky’s Story

Sky showed up at Vlada's dental office looking for help. She was starving and covered in fleas. After a big meal, Sky settled in for a nap. The first time she could cuddle up somewhere warm and not have to worry she might not be safe.

Sky slept and slept and when the workday was over Vlada took her to a foster home to get cleaned up and settle in. There we discovered that Sky has a beautiful white coat, a loving personality, and a small limp. A visit to the vet showed that the limp is a result of being hit by a car. It doesn't bother Sky and she adores romping around with the other dogs, cats, and play with a little boy at her foster home.

Sky is arriving in NJ on Wednesday and we are looking for the perfect forever family home. Are you ready? Fill out an adoption application.


Four months later - we have names!

It takes a village to rescue a dog and today we are immensely grateful to Jennie Rubin, Wendy Gottsegen, and the fabulous pre-schoolers at Temple B'nai Or in Morristown, NJ! All spring the pre-schoolers have been collecting tzadeka money to help Sochi Dogs care for the nine pooches below. Not only that, but they've also come up with some very creative names that will help these k-9s find forever homes.  

Find Gummy Bear, Pop,  Snoodles,  Donut, Sparkle, and Smoky on the adoptable dogs page soon!

Gummy Bear






Smart Spike

Do you know what it means to be in the right place at the right time? Spike does! He and Vlada just happened to be waking down the same street at the same time and smart Spike understood quickly that she is someone who could help him. Spike was right! Can you see the difference in the photos below? When Vlada found him, Spike was lost, dirty, and had an inflammation in one eye. Now a month later, he is happy and healthy. This little boy will be available for adoption in February after being neutered and fully vaccinated. That is what Sochi Dogs is all about! 


Flint and Stefan are Safe!

Can you imagine how Flint and Stephan felt when they were torn away from their family and left in a deserted lot? 

Today they are safe, warm, and fed. But just two weeks ago, our rescue partners found these two brothers very hungry and scared, huddled together in a cardboard to keep warm. Our amazing foster mom Lena stepped up to take them in and this weekend they had a chance to hang out with Trainer Platon, who brought some toy to share with them. When Flint and Stephan are a little bigger and fully vaccinated they'll be joining our crew at the shelter.