Hi, My Name is Buck

Hi, my name is Buck!   Just a week ago I lived on the street and now I am at the shelter! I love everything here: people, food, dogs and my kennel.  Thanks to Frank, he did not pass by me. Frank, comes often to visit Sochi all the way from Alberta! I am actually the third homeless dog, who he has found on the street and taken to the shelter.  Thank you, Vlada, Masha and the Sochi Dogs team for coordinating my pickup, a vet visit, and taking care of me.  I am a very good dog and promise, I will be a great companion.

Be in touch, check my page, more pictures are coming! In a few months, I will be available for adoption and I would be happy to be a part of your family!




Crates, leashes, harnesses, collars! 

How do you get 52 crates, and more than a hundred leashes, collars, harnesses together on one driveway in New Jersey?  Easy, just ask our amazing community of supports! They dedicated crates to their favorite k-9s, and collected items all to use at the Sochi Dogs shelter. 

The hard part was packaging it all up to send back to the shelter in Sochi so that more formerly homeless dogs can travel to their forever families!  Watch the video to see just how we did it...