The quarantine area at the shelter is one of the most important sections, it's where gets settled right after they are brought in from the street, so it's crucial that its extra cozy.  
Last weekend Vlada organized a major renovation of the space. She picked up tools and supplies and delivered every thing to the shelter. Then Misha, one of our volunteers, spent his entire weekend work on the renovations. He fixed and replaced walls, re-did the floors and the sleeping areas so now everything is nice and clean to welcome the new dogs. Of course Misha wasn't working alone, he had some Sochi dogs watching him every step of the way. After hours of work, Brittany checked out the new space and gave her bark of approval! Thank you Misha for all you do! 

Brittany approved! 

Look at those floors before Misha came in... 

And look at them now!