This pretty girl just joined the shelter! 

This little girl is not only pretty but also she is also very lucky. She was hanging out at the local market begging for food when Vlada spotted her.  It was best things that could ever happen to her, her life has been forever changed! 

First, she got her first car ride. Vlada took her to the vet, where she was evaluated and got ears cleaned. 

Then she drove around with Vlada for the rest of the day, running errands and meeting new people. She was a good passenger in the car, super friendly, calm and curious.  At the end of the day, she arrived at the shelter to the new quarantine area, where she got lots of food and good rest.  Welcome to the shelter little pretty!

There is a long way and many things need to be done before this dog will be ready for adoption.   She needs to be dewormed at least 2 times, then she has to get two rounds of vaccinations and then she has to be spayed. To get everything done will take about 3 months.  Please do your part, help us with the expenses for this lucky girl and others just like her!