New Residents at the Sochi Dog Shelter

Over the past few weeks we welcomed a few new dogs to the shelter! 
Check out their stories and follow along because soon they'll be ready to go home. 


Mr. Joe


Mr. Joe liked to hang out by an apartment complex. Longing for a home of his own he would always come running when people were walking their dogs or kids we're playing on the playground. Nobody knew where he came from so it's likely he was abandoned by his owners. Sochi Dogs volunteer Misha brought him to the shelter.  Mr. Joe will be available for adoption in October. He has a slight limp and a very loving personality! 


Roxie is just 5 months old. She was brought to our vet by someone who found her laying down on the side of the road after being hit by a car. She was treated by our vet and made a complete recovery! Roxie is a very smart and friendly girl! She will be ready for adoption in September. 


Mona was found by Masha's friend back in June. She fostered her and taught her to walk on a leash and go outside. Mona loves car-rides especially if they mean making new friends! She at the shelter and ready for adoption. 


Neman was found living on the street and is slowing settling in and meeting dogs at the shelter. Once Neman is acclimated, we'll be looking for the perfect home.