10 Lucky Dogs  Can you believe it!? 

In the past months we've been able to pull 10 abandoned dogs from the streets and into the safety of our shelter! We are still getting to know their unique personalities, but one things is certain they are all very happy and grateful to have a warm place to sleep, good to eat and always seek out our attention for pets + thank yous.  

We couldn't do it without you!  We rely on donors to provide food and veterinary care for all the shelter residents.  Donate an item from the wishlist for the new dogs! 

As soon as they are vaccinated, spayed, and know their personalities this bunch will be ready to find their forever homes to give more abandoned dogs a chance at a happy life. 

Bernie, 3 years old

Enky, 1 year old

Marcus, 1 years old

Hector, 1 year old

Maya, 1 year old

Pablo and Gustav, 5 months old

Masha, 5 months old

Emma, 1.5  years old

Nellie, 6 months old