Update on Maya

We are back at the vet with Maya. Her stitches started to split and it looks like the surgical site may have gotten infected. We are waiting to go in to to see the vet and we'll post updates as soon as we get them. If you can, please help Maya fight to walk again by contributing to her medical fund.


Maya's Fight To Survive 

Like many of our rescues, we recently found Maya on the side of a busy highway after she had been hit by a car. She had managed to prop herself up, but she was unable to move and was in severe pain. Her injuries were very serious but this little girl is a fighter and we were determined to do everything we could to help her.


We're thrilled to report that after a gruelling near 4-hour surgery last week, during which Maya had special plates inserted into her hind legs, Maya is on course to make a full recovery.

Every day she is getting stronger, and showing us her sweet, loving personality. But Maya still has a long way to go. Maya will need a few more follow up appointments and x-rays, pain medication, antibiotics and a special diet to help her gain her strength. We currently owe the vet $1,150 for her surgery and we will be spending at least another $600 to complete her treatment.

We are counting on you to help Maya. Please donate to cover Maya's medical expenses. 100% of your donation will go to Maya's recovery fund.

Updates on Carry

This little scruffy girl is doing well! It has been two months since she was rescued with an injured leg.  In the past few weeks, she's gained some weight, became more confident and has made lots of friends at the shelter.  Unfortunately, despite all our treatment, she still doesn't put weight on her injured paw.  She plays, runs and jumps but carefully keeps her paw off the ground.  Our vet doubts that she will be able to put pressure on her leg. However, it does not stop her from wrestling with her best friend Adler!  Carry will be ready for adoption soon and we are looking for a loving family who can provide good care for this sweet girl.

Thank you so much to everyone who has helped contribute to her care!


Bianca Pays It Forward

Recently we received a call from one of our vets asking if we could help. It's usually the other way around so we were intrigued. They said they needed a large dog, ASAP. Again, usually it's the other way around—the vet asks us to rescue a large dog that was dropped off at the clinic, ASAP.

But this time was different, they had a large dog who was very sick and needed a blood donor. We knew we had just the perfect candidate, Bianca. At 90 lbs and full of love, she would be thrilled to help another dog in need especially since she was just rescued herself. We rushed Bianca to the vet where she got star-treatment and a big treat for her generous gift!

The dog who needed the donation is now in stable condition and we wish her a smooth recovery!