Kitsune is the Japanese word for fox.

Kitsune is the Japanese word for fox. This loving girl looks like a fox so we named her Kitsune or Kitty for short. When we found Kitty in the bushes she was crying in pain.  Kitty was terrible abused— she had bruises up and down her back and a broken tail.  Our vet said that she was in extreme pain. 

All of this is behind her. Her surgery is done, no more pain, no more streets, and no more harm. Kitty is at the shelter, where she safe, loved and fed. And she even managed to make a k-9 friend, Monica. 

In spite of everything that was people did to her, Kitty loves people. She is very friendly and affectionate with everyone. In addition to Kitty's vet bill she needs special food, medication, and lots of diapers. We will greatly appreciate if you could make a 3 month commitment to sponsor Kitty's recovery. 

After the surgery.  

Before the surgery.