Is It Still Happening?

Is it still happening?  We get this question a lot. What most people are referring to is the shooting and poisoning of stray dogs which took place just prior and during the Olympic Games.
Yes. It's still happening.  This photograph was taken in February, the month of our two year anniversary


The man in the photo below is employed for a company which is contracted by the city of Sochi to continue the work of killing dogs. According to the company's website their services include, "catching ownerless animals and disposal of biological waste for recycling." 

Animal activists including Sochi Dogs have repeatedly reached out to the city to the city to humanely reduce the stray dog population with low-cost spay/neuter services. 

Each one of the dogs that is at our shelter or that has been adopted out to a loving home was at one point at risk of being killed and disposed off in a truck just like this one. 

Only with your help we can continue to rescue street dogs before they are killed by the city's contractor. Please donate to help keep our shelter up and running, no amount is too small.