Two Sisters, Five Puppies, and Mom

Two days ago we were alerted that this Mama and her puppies were living in an alley way between two buildings. Our shelter director, Vlada jumped into action to try to save the family. From the pictures we received it was evident that mom was malnourished and the puppies are just a few weeks old. 

Vlada brought along her sister, Ksenia, and the two drove out to collect the puppies and Mom. After gathering up the little ones, they waited around for their mom to show up. Either she had left or she was hiding waiting for them to leave. With the puppies getting restless in the cardboard box, they had no choice but leave. 

The two returned the next day to look for the mom, and sure enough there she was! 

The entire family has been reunited in a foster home. They'll be there until they are vaccinated and ready to join the other dogs at the shelter. 

The family consists of Mom, 4 girls and 1 boy. We need your support to help us purchase starter formula, training pads, and pay mom's veterinary care. Please donate here if you can!