A Warm Welcome to Penny and Rikki

This weekend we welcomed Penny and Rikki to the shelter and we still can't believe how this mother daughter duo survived on the train tracks.

Penny and Rikki had been living near a small freight train service station. Earlier this week word got out that if they were not out on Sunday they'd be kicked out or worse, extermination service world be sent for them. 

We couldn't watch that happen to these two sweet girls so we jumped into action and they arrived at the shelter on Sunday to start their new lives with Sochi Dogs. 

Buck welcomed them into his pen, they got a big meal, and soon you'll find them on our adoptable dogs page. 

Welcoming Penny and Rikki has put the shelter at capacity. We simply can't take in any more dogs and there are so many that need our help. Please consider adopting or fostering to help us make room. Summer is the perfect time to add a new dog to your family and by doing so you'll be saving a life of the dog that's still on the streets. 

Fill out an adoption application today!