Polina's Independence Day

Today we’re celebrating Independence Day and a very special dog who got her freedom! Polina has been tied up to a chain with nothing but a small broken down dog house to give her shelter. 

Once we learned about Polina we made multiple attempts to get owners to give her up to the shelter. We even offered to buy her out but all of our offers had been refused. In Russia where dogs are considered personal property, there was nothing we could do to help Polina but we continued trying. Last week, her owners finally broke down and gave her up because they said she was too old. We couldn’t be happier to welcome this sweet girl to the shelter as one of our permanent residents. 

Polina is the friendliest most loving dog and now she will finally have the freedom to run around, roll in the grass, play and eat as much as she wants. 

Please consider sponsoring Polina’s stay at the shelter. As little as $1 a day helps us provide Polina with food, veterinary care, treats to make her new found freedom just little sweeter!