Mission Possible

At the end of August, Houston, George, Michael, Pip, and Maggie were just a few days old, they were torn away from their mother and left outside in a cardboard box. Luckily they made their way to Sochi Dogs and the capable and kind hands of Masha Plotnikova and Vlada Provotorova. After weeks of bottle feeding, the litter has grown into these phenomenal dogs who love to hang out with their caretakers and play. They love to sit on Masha's lap, but not for too much longer, they are going to be medium to large sized dogs and they'll be ready to go home in early December!  

August 30 2016


All the puppies are available for adoption and they will be ready to go home in mid December. Everyone is excited to find them loving homes so please put in your application early. 

November 5, 2016