It's Been Three Weeks 

That's right! It's only been three weeks since these puppies came into the care of Sochi Dogs. When they we're found they were helpless balls of fluff, who were torn away from their mother and couldn't even open their eyes. 

Three weeks later, they're still helpless and maybe even a little fluffier. But they've been loved and cared so when they opened their eyes their are seeing the world in a whole new light. It's no longer a scary place where they have to fend for themselves. Instead they've experienced the kindness not just from Vlada, Masha and Platon at the shelter, but from an entire community of animal lovers who made their rescue possible. 

Boy #1

Boy #2

Boy #3

Boy #4

Gal #1

Thank you so much for following their story and we'll keep you updated as they grow!

If you would like to name a puppy, please donate $20 and write the name you would like to give in the comments box. We'll be updating the page with their names.