How does one send 62 dog crates halfway around the world? 

Over the past two years we've accumulated 62 dog crates at Sochi Dogs West in Morristown, NJ. That's a lot of crates—enough crates to send every single dog that is currently at the shelter to their forever home, so we desperately needed to send these crates back to Sochi.
To send back crates we needed to measure packaging, arrange for transport, figure out how to send the pallets overseas, and then of course package and drive the crates to the warehouse. 
Needless to say we needed the entire Sochi Dogs community to come together to help with this project! 

We are immensely grateful to Craig Giever and Independent Freight International ( for making all of the arrangements and  guiding us every step of the way.  Wendy Gottsegen for helping us label all the crates and Seref Holle for help us package and stepping up to be the official Sochi Dogs truck driver. 

And of course none of this could have happened without our community dedicating crates to fund the project. Thank you to the friends and family of:

Ozzy; Mara and Libby, Sochi and Adi, Betsy the Wonder Dog, Raiden, Jack, Tony (in Sochi shelter), Denali, Schatzi Kaiser, Sochi, Rusty, Enza & Gaetana, In Memory of Brad and Nancy, Max; Falco, Claddie, Timka, Poncho, Jorja Kern-Goldhill, Willow (Barlette), Sammy, Dina, Sochi (Gerda), Klava, Buckley Anderson, Ziva, Tasha Scott; In Memory of Lucy La Femina Root, Jaxon, Molly, Magie, Raya.

Here are a few snapshots of us packaging crates on the hottest day of the year!