One Facebook Post Away From Safety

On Sunday, September 20 Vlada Provotorova, co-founder and shelter director of Sochi Dogs saved Layla from the side of a road.

A call went out on the Facebook - someone had seen a puppy sitting by itself near a fence on the side of a road. It’s covered in fleas. Can someone help?

Luckily Vlada saw the post. She jumped in her car and drove to the specified intersection. Miraculously the puppy was still there. She scooped her up and took her home.

Layla as this lucky gal is now called has been washed and fed. She is staying with Vlada until a spot opens up at the shelter for her. She will be available in two months after she is fully dewormed and has all of her vaccinations.

Layla needs special puppy food, deworming medication and vaccines.  You can help contribute to her rescue here.