Rescued Today! 

When seeing Sochi Dogs so well adjusted in the shelter or in their new homes it can be hard to imagine that they were once out on the streets.  

Because rescues happen quickly ofter with just one or two people picking up the dogs we are not always able to get "before" photos. Today Vlada was able to get a quick video (above) and photos of these three puppies before they were taken into the shelter. 

We'll be updating this post and our Facebook page with photos and more information as we get it. 

We learned about their location through a post on the internet. It is unclear who left the dogs there. As you can see from the photos they are sitting outside a dumpster.  

The trio consists of two girls and one boy. One of the girls has an injured paw. 

Here they are on their way to the shelter:

The puppies are at the shelter: