Do You Remember Plusha?

This is how we found her with a group of homeless dogs. She was covered in fleas and ticks. Her beautiful coat was all matted and she was tired and hungry. After spending months at the shelter, Plusha was adopted. Now scroll down to see what her family says about her…

“Plusha is having a blast this winter during the polar vortex here in Pennsylvania with her brothers! They love romping, playing in the snow, and then warming up and snuggling together on blankets, couches, and beds! She could not be a better addition to the Wilson family.

She’s a great little sister for Buddy, the big dog in the pictures...always playing together! She has taken upon herself a special responsibility for Willie, the 14+ year old Corgi here, who cannot see or hear barely at all. He never hears when they’re called when it’s time to eat, go outside, pee, or go out for a walk or ride. She always doubles back to go get him and make sure he knows what’s going on. She can tell he doesn’t hear us and won’t let him miss out.

She’s very kind and affectionate and they likewise treat her like a dear little sister! She makes it hard to get my work done without stopping all day to pet and play with her. “