Rescue Update: Puppy Love

Rescued from outside a construction site on May 14, when they were just 2 months old this little of six has grown into beautiful puppies all with unique personalities! Below is a short video of how they were found late at night. Scroll down to see their transformation at the shelter. 


Two weeks later at the shelter: Everything is still very new so the gang is sticking close together. 

Two months later: Life is good! Everyone loves treats and attention and they can't wait for visitors. 

Three months later: Wishes come true! Two Sochi Dogs adopters, Emily and Ann visit the shelter to volunteer and they get showered with puppy kisses! 

Today: The crew is almost ready to go home! Check out their individual pages and put in your applications.
Meet the playful Jellybean, social butterfly Allan, cuddle-bug Rex, silly Pluto, sweetheart Zigi, and the quiet gentleman Nikolai.