Help Carry

When you’re just a tiny 4-month old puppy the world can be a scary place. Imagine being all alone, large loud cars passing by, no-one to help and then all of sudden a loud bang and you’re thrown into the middle of the highway. You recover but large cuts on your arms and legs make it painful to move. That’s what happened to Carry. We don’t know her complete story, we found her scared and in pain with several large cuts around her legs which we can only presume happened as a result of a car accident.

We rushed Carry to the vet for x-rays and blood work. Thankfully she doesn’t have any broken bones, however the cuts are inflamed and will take time to heal. To help Carry recover we’ve ordered medication and special high quality food to ensure she is getting the proper nutrition. Carry has a long road before she is fully recovered, please donate to help us care for her.