Chia, Veronica, and Rina

Chia, Veronica, and Rina are three moms we recently rescued who have three very similar stories. We found them dumped out on the street trying to survive with their puppies. Of course, this was not their choice, its the result of irresponsible owners and sometimes just a lack of knowledge about the importance of spaying. Scroll down to see their photos and read more about Chia, Veronica, and Rina. 

While these girls are safe with puppies, there are so many more that need our help. So this year we are launching our biggest spay/neuter campaign to help to reduce population and suffering of street dogs. 

Please help us take care of these girls and their 18 puppies. If you are able, we would be so grateful if you could make a donation to help us to care for Chia, Veronica, and Rina and their puppies. 

Quite and loving Veronica and her 9 puppies.
Veronica wins the most dedicated mom award. The only time she leaves her puppies is to get up to go to the bathroom. She is also very loving and it's easy to tell how much she appreciates us giving her a safe, warm place for her and her puppies.

Sochi Dogs.JPG

Beautiful little Chia and her 4 puppies.
Chia, who has been with us the longest, is super friendly and loves to walk around wagging her tail. She gets along with cats, dogs, but her favorite is Platon.

Energetic Rina and her 5 puppies.
Rina is the youngest of the three, she is a gorgeous black lab, the photos do not do her justice. Her favorite thing to do is hang out in the yard and play with the other dogs though she does take great care of all her puppies. 

These 3 wonderful moms and their puppies are currently with our foster family Sochi. In a month or so after being vaccinated they will move to our shelter.