Extraordinary Christmas Story or How Brian and Cinders Travel Home

When Brian and Cinders were born on the 7th floor of an unfinished apartment building could they ever imagine that someone would care enough to rescue them and that in just a few months half a dozen people would be coordinating their journey home? 

On Christmas eve Brian and Cinders arrived at John F. Kennedy International airport. Their trip was just beginning. In the next two days, despite the holidays and poor weather, the duo would travel nearly 5,000 miles to reach their new homes in Washington. 

Two-time Sochi Dog adopter Jane Hanson knows just what amazing pets Sochi Dogs can be so when we reached out to her to help us coordinate a flight for Brian and Cinders from New York to Seattle she got to work right away. We thought it might be a long stretch but Jane proved us wrong! 

Short stop in NJ

On Christmas Day Tanya and Anna of Sochi Dogs drove the two scruffy puppies from Morristown, NJ to White Plains, NY where they met Jackie Gaertner of Wings and Wheels LLC. Jackie and her family volunteered to fly the duo cross-counrty to San Francisco and foster the puppies for a night. 

Ready for cross-country flight

On Boxing Day, December 26 Brian and Cinders woke up on the West Coast ready to make their journey Northward. Martyn Lewis met the puppies in San Francisco and they took off for Salem, Oregon. 


At this point they were only 200 miles away from home but the weather was not in their favor. So what were the puppies to do? Scott Black, who volunteered to fly the last leg of the trip saved the day. He drove from Arlington, WA all he way to Salem, OR and back to Federal Way, Washington to deliver Brian to the Goodno family for fostering and Cinders to her forever home. A real Christmas miracle! 

Scott Black with the dogs at the Schweikl's home

Keith Goodno provides a foster home for Brian

Andrea and Aaron Schweikl adopted Cinders

Thank you to everyone who made it possible! 

Brian is available for adoption. He is located in Washington state. His sister Barlett and their mom Marilyn are still in Sochi waiting for forever homes.