Welcome Paula and Family

Paula is a smart girl who stayed around a hotel where tourists sometimes gave her food. She knew it wasn’t safe but she was very cautious, she only came out in the evenings and would hide during the day. One evening she came to her hotel and gave birth to 7 puppies, right near the entrance. She didn’t have a choice and she didn’t have any other place to go. It was cold and someone gave her food and a blanket and that was it.


It would have been a very sad story but it just so happened that Sochi Dogs founder Vlada was nearby and someone told her that there is a dog with 8 puppies that were just born and they are on the street. Vlada knew they needed to find a place to stay immediately and she was able to get permission to move the family into a tech closet in the basement of the hotel. The whole family is warm, fed and most importantly safe. As soon we have some room they’ll be able to move into the shelter.