2018 World Cup: Sochi Dogs Prepares

The 2018 World Cup is coming to Sochi and we are already hearing harrowing reports about dogs being killed in preparation for the event. 

At Sochi Dogs we are taking all possible steps to prepare and pull as many dogs from the streets as we can. Below is a comprehensive outline of our current plan: 

1. Distribute flyers in Sochi and Adler urging people to spay their pets. Each postcard is valid for 50% off a spay/neuter procedure at one of three designated vets. Sochi Dogs will be covering the costs of all of these procedures. 
You can help by making a donation to help us pay for these expenses. 

2. Clear the Sochi Dogs shelter to make room for dogs that are at risk during the World Cup. 
You can help by sharing adoptable dogs on social media and fostering. 

3. Provide resources to World Cup visitors about how to help when they encounter stray dogs: Sochi Dogs will create a designated page on the website and distribute this information widely. 
You can help by sharing the forthcoming page and if you are traveling for the World Cup please consider rescuing a dog in need. 

4. We'll be reaching out to rescues in other cities hosting World Cup Events to see if we can share our resources and experience with the Olympic Games to help animals in other cities. 

We are ready to help as many dogs as possible escape cruelty on the streets.
Please contact us if you have suggestions or can introduce us to organizations/individuals that can help in our efforts.