Your Puppy Knows Lena

You might not recognize Lena, but we're pretty sure that if you adopted a puppy from Sochi Dogs, your dog will! 

Lena runs a mini-shelter out of her home in Sochi and she rescues stray, abandoned, sick, injured, wounded dogs and cats, she helps moms and puppies, really anyone who needs help, she is there for them. She also helps the Sochi Dog shelter by taking in very young puppies that can't be placed in the traditional shelter just yet. She is the first who shows them that people can be kind and loving and that they don't need to afraid or hide.  She gives them their first bath when they are found in covered in fleas and dirt. She feeds them and cleans up after them, and gives them lots of love. 

Lena is a real hero—she does this day in and day out, no vacations, just out of the goodness of her heart! 

In additional to caring for the animals she tries to find good families to adopt the dogs in Sochi, which rarely happens so many of the dogs she rescues become Sochi Dog shelter residents and some shelter residents who need a little extra TLC spend time at Lena's home. Word has gotten around about Lena's amazing work and people have started using her kindness to drop off boxes of unwanted puppies right at her doorstep in the middle of the night. Below are photos of litter left at her home on July 7. These six girls were just 6-weeks old at the time. Now they are grown, getting their first round of vaccinations. They'll be available for adoption through Sochi Dogs very soon. Check back for details and tell your friends. 


July 7,  2017

October 2017