A Double Rescue

Central Park in Sochi is the first stop for dog hunters/exterminators so as soon as we get word that dogs are present in the park we go to see what we can do. Yesterday we were told that a couple dogs had been seen in the park so we drove out to see who we could find. We found this gentleman who likes like he could be a German Shepherd. He did not object to us picking him up, so in the car he went to our next stop.  Read more below.  

Our second stop of the day, was a construction site. A manager at the site had called us desperately looking for help.  A mom and her six puppies had taken residence up on the seventh floor of the yet to be completed building. Two of the puppies had fallen to their death and he was anxious for us to pick up the remaining dogs before they got hurt.  Read more below. 

We found mom resting on the concrete with her puppies on some plastic not far away. We took the entire family to the shelter. They got a nice meal and a bath (all of them were covered in fleas.) The four puppies and mom are now resting in a comfy bed in the operating room at the shelter. We will need to de-worm them and make sure they are free of fleas before they can join the other dogs at the shelter. 

The first 6 people to donate $30 or more to Sochi Dogs will have the opportunity to name one of these dogs. Just specify who you would like to name in the comments below or in a separate email to info@sochidogs.org.