Our organization is focused on helping stray dogs in Sochi but sometimes we get the opportunity to help rescue one of Sochi's many stray cats. To celebrate National Cat Day we'd like to share one of those stories. 

One evening a received a message on our Facebook page from someone named Christina. Christina was visiting Sochi for a sporting event and there she met Sasha, a cat. 

Christina and Sasha had really taken a liking to each other and Christina could not image going back home to Milan without him. She was certain that he would not survive on the streets. 

Christina does not speak much Russian and she was desperate to get help. We knew we couldn't leave Sasha on the streets either so we jumped into action. We brought Sasha to the vet to get vaccinated, helped Christina purchase a carrier, and obtained the correct permits.  

Sasha in Milan

Sasha was able to safely travel to his new home in Milan. He is enjoying his life as an Italian cat. We don't know how feels about gelato or the Duomo but we do know that Christina is very happy to have him home, she writes,  "Ciao thank you so much for your help!… Icould have never made itThanks again from the bottom of my heart!"

Sasha in Sochi
Sasha Sochi with Christina