Hi there,

My name is Zuza! I'm a proud Sochi Dog and I love my life at the shelter because I get to see the two best people in the world there, Vlada, who saved my life when she picked me up from the street where I lived after she got a tip that an exterminator was ordered to kill me, and Masha who takes care of me now. I'm sorry to say that I do not like or trust anyone else, shelter visitors included.  But I do like dogs. I'm friends with all the dogs at the shelter. We get good food, there is a set schedule, and I sleep in a small room in the cottage with a couple of other dogs where its nice and warm. I do not want any changes, I am happy here and I really want to stay here forever and ever.

It's very generous of Sochi Dogs to let me live here, I know most shelters don't let nervous "unadoptable" dogs like me just live out their lives. But I've gotten pretty lucky! 

While I know I'm not ready to leave the shelter, it is nice to know that people care and think about me. I am looking for sponsors to help cover my stay at the shelter. It only costs a dollar a day, but it helps keeps the shelter open for dogs like me who have nowhere to go.  

Please consider sponsoring my stay!