Age: 2 year old  Located in a foster home in NJ
Weight: 52 lbs
Vet Record: 100% vaccinated, spayed, microchipped, female

Meet Veronica - A Super Dog - Seeking, food, love, and an American home in which to stay! Veronica is a super resilient, 2-year-old lab/shepherd mix who has pawed her way up from a life of destitution.

Homeless in Russia and having just given birth to 9 puppies, Veronica was fortunate to have been found in January of 2018 by a caring person and brought to our rescue.  There she demonstrated herself to be an attentive mother, doting on her brood until they were ready to be weaned.

Since her arrival in the United States on June 24, Veronica’s foster (who has cared for over a hundred dogs in her life) says she has demonstrated herself to be a truly super canine:

Super friendly:  Veronica loves everyone -- other dogs, children, men and women.

Super smart:  Veronica has quickly learned basic commands such as sit, paw, and stay.

Super treat motivated:  Great for learning new commands

Super housebroken:  Has never had an accident in the house.

Super easy to walk:  Walks well on a leash and off

Super calm:  Does not jump and rarely barks.  Content just resting in house after her walks.

Super loyal:  Once she bonds to you, she will be your best friend for life.

A super dog such as this deserves a super home!

Updated July 2018

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