Age: 2 3 years old
Weight: 70 lbs
Vet Record: 100% vaccinated and nuetered
Breed: Dalmatian Mix

Looking for a hiking buddy? You're in luck, Sasha is looking for one too! He is a calm, Dalmatian mix with moderate energy who loves to go on walks and enjoys car rides. Not only that, but Sasha also has some tricks up his sleeve, he can shake your hand and sit on command (of course you'll have to ask nicely!)  
Sasha will do well in a home with kids, cats, and other dogs. 
Getting your hiking boots on and fill out an application for Sasha! 

Sasha came to the shelter when a local animal rescue group posted he needed immediate help. We were told that he once had an owner who had left him on the street and he had been living in a neighborhood that is often visited by exterminators. If we didn't get him quick his days would be numbered. 

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