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The Sochi Dog movement is gaining momentum! We’ve been featured internationally across a number of outlets from the Today Show and Sports Illustrated in the US to the CTV in Canada.

If you are interested in doing a story on Sochi Dogs please fill out the contact form, immediate media inquiries can be directed to Anna Umansky 908.758.3647.

The Dodo

'Clean Up' Before World Cup

The Boston Globe

Two years after Olympics, Americans still adopting Sochi’s stray dogs

Public Radio International (PRI)

How Russians and Americans have teamed up to rescue Sochi's stray dogs

The Dodo

Family Adopts Dog From Sochi ... And Realizes They Need Her Friend


From Russia to America: How the Olympics Helped Dogs in Need

V Novom Svete

Как русские и американцы спасали «олимпийских» дворняг

Today's Slapshot

Kelli Stack and Her Sochi Stray

Sports Illustrated

Catching up with the dogs of Sochi

The Star-Ledger

N.J. mom, daughter rescue stray dogs after Sochi started killing them ahead of Olympics


Seventeen  dogs have found a new life in Canada far from their birthplace in Sochi, Russia. 

The Today Show

Puppy love: US Olympians work to adopt stray dogs in Sochi

Boston Globe

A group of activists in Sochi is trying to prevent the killing of stray dogs by rounding them up and trying to find homes for them.


Ali Fedotowsky saves a Sochi Dog.


Russians say authorities rounding up, poisoning stray dogs before Olympics


This Man Is Rescuing Stray Dogs From Alleged Extermination In Sochi

Watch this video from Sports Illustrated and save your own Sochi Dog. Fill out an adoption application today.

Ali Fedotowsky from E! at the shelter. 

Ali Fedotowsky from E! at the shelter. 

David Filipov from the Boston Globe at the shelter. 

David Filipov from the Boston Globe at the shelter. 

Ivan Watson from CNN at the Shelter

Ivan Watson from CNN at the Shelter


Tug's flight home.

The Virginian-Pilot

Russian street dog finds new home in Chesapeake.

Albany Times Union

Homeless canines come from Russia for love.
Sochi Dogs bringing rescued animals to Capital Region homes

The Hamilton Spectator 

From Russia with puppy love.

The Atlantic 

Meet the People Trying To Save Sochi's Stray Dogs

Petco's blog.

An Update on the Sochi Dogs: Things You Want to Know.