Age: ~2 year old      In a foster home in NJ
Weight: 45 lb.
Vet Record: 100% vaccinated, neutered and microchipped

Are you looking for a smart and loving four legged friend? Consider Marcus!  Marcus has a remarkably loving personality. He is super friendly and affectionate. Marcus is 45 pounds but he is pretty sure that he is a lap dog and will gladly snuggle up right next to you. 

Marcus is a moderately energetic dog, who is happy hanging out in the house but also loves to be outdoors.  He enjoys daily walks, playing fetch in the yard and weekend hikes.  Marcus is excellent on a leash, gets along great with other dogs, and has exceptional house manners (house-trained!)

Marcus is a smart boy and catches onto things very quickly! He is food motivated and will do well in training or agility. 

Marcus currently lives with his foster family and one other dog in NJ.  Here is what they have to say about him: 

"He’s house-trained, good with other dogs, doesn’t bark, and mannerly. If you need to go out, Marcus will just hang out until you get home. He doesn’t counter surf and he’s mostly good about staying off the furniture. He’s happy to go walking, play fetch, do activities with you or just snuggle. He’s an all-around excellent house guest!" 

If you are looking for a loving friend who will always be by your side then Marcus would love to meet YOU!

See more pictures of Marcus in his foster home on Instagram: @lisasfosterdogs

Updated February 2018


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