Three Sisters, Three Countries—One Incredible Story

Life could have become a grim destiny for 3 sisters living under a bush in Sochi, Russia.  Just as for many dogs, life on the streets is a daily struggle for survival – this was not much different for these 3 gals.  With the help of some nice nurses, the fate of the 3 dogs changed dramatically when they were surrendered to Sochi Dogs.  For the first time in their short lives, they did not have to worry about food and the perils of the streets.  But their luck did not stop there. Within the next several months, supporters of Sochi Dogs were drawn to the pictures of the sisters.  

Kat was spotted first by a lovely lady in Glasgow, Scotland. It took a lot of paperwork to get the dog ready to clear U.K. customs – but Sochi Dogs and Kat’s new Mom worked diligently to get Kat to Scotland.  

In the meantime, the Williams Family fell in love with Gerda, but for the longest did not feel they “needed” a fourth dog. So, instead, the Mom decided to sponsor ½ the airfare of “Gerda”. Despite the reduced airfare, no one came forward to adopt Gerda, so, needless to say, the other half of the airfare was paid by the Williams family – and Gerda, soon to be renamed “Sochi” was adopted to Virginia.  

Which left one very sad sister behind in the shelter, Molly. Supporters of Sochi Dogs had raised some money to help Molly fly to safety – and it was not long afterwards when Molly’s picture was spotted in NJ. Adoption papers were signed and Molly was flown to freedom to the US at the end of January. Write your own rescue story—adopt a Sochi Dog! 



Katya at the shelter, Summer 2014

Gerda at the shelter, summer 2014

Molly at the shelter, summer 2014


Kat at home in Scotland, Winter 2014

Kat at home in Scotland, Winter 2014

Sochi at home, VA USA, Winter 2015

Malka at home in NJ, spring 2015