Age: 2 - 3 years old
Weight: 50 lb.
Vet Record: 100% vaccinated  and spayed

Cassie has a wonderfully loyal personality. She is super friendly and social, great with kids and absolutely loves attention.  She is very intelligent and will be great in training. Cassie is calm and active at the same time. She would appreciate daily walks and weekend hikes.  She is good in the car and can walk on a leash.  Cassie does not have fear or aggression and she is good with other dogs. 

Cassie came to the shelter as a mom with her puppies. Read her rescue store here. Her puppies have all found homes and now Cassie wants to go home too! Cassie would be a devoted friend and a great companion. Put in your application today, Cassie is waiting for you.

Cassie's puppies at home