Hi, my name is Phil and I want to tell you my story.  I don't remember much, I just remember that something happened to me when I was walking on the street one day and then I got to the vet clinic.  I did not feel well at the time and one wonderful doctor and several other people who work there helped me. When I was better I heard someone say, "We cannot put him down, he fought so hard".  So they called Vlada asking to take me to the shelter and she and Masha came to pick me up last Saturday.   

Now I live at the shelter and love it. Most of all I love Masha because she takes such great care of me. Its tough for me to walk but I'll follow her up the big hill and even up stairs. I also love to play with the other dogs, I cannot run as fast as they do but that's ok we have a good time anyway.  The reason I can't play and run as fast as everyone is because I have some broken bones, check out my cool x-rays below. But I can walk and even go to the bathroom just like everyone else. If had a wheelchair I could even go for long walks!

Masha said that I am very smart, loving and understand everything. Not to brag, but she said I am very very very good boy, one of the best Sochi Dogs has ever seen! She dreams that someday someone will give me a loving home. I just need a loving family, a little yard for walks and sunbathing and cozy bed. 

If you think I could join you, please fill out an adoption questionnaire and the nice folks at Sochi Dogs will give you a call!
I can't wait to meet you!


Dine for Dogs at Zinburger Burger and Wine Bar, Morris Plains, NJ


burger sochi dogs.jpg

Join us at Zinburger Wine & Burger Bar in Morris Plains for lunch or dinner to benefit the Sochi Dogs shelter! 

Present the flyer below to your server, enjoy a delicious meal, and 20% of the sales will be given to Sochi Dogs to help homeless and abandoned animals. It's that easy, so come extra hungry!

A very special thanks to James Webb and Zinburger for organizing this event. 

Dine any time on November 16 between 11 AM and 9 PM.
The Sochi Dogs crew will be there from 7 PM to 9 PM. 

We can't wait to see you there!

Your Puppy Knows Lena

You might not recognize Lena, but we're pretty sure that if you adopted a puppy from Sochi Dogs, your dog will! 

Lena runs a mini-shelter out of her home in Sochi and she rescues stray, abandoned, sick, injured, wounded dogs and cats, she helps moms and puppies, really anyone who needs help, she is there for them. She also helps the Sochi Dog shelter by taking in very young puppies that can't be placed in the traditional shelter just yet. She is the first who shows them that people can be kind and loving and that they don't need to afraid or hide.  She gives them their first bath when they are found in covered in fleas and dirt. She feeds them and cleans up after them, and gives them lots of love. 

Lena is a real hero—she does this day in and day out, no vacations, just out of the goodness of her heart! 

In additional to caring for the animals she tries to find good families to adopt the dogs in Sochi, which rarely happens so many of the dogs she rescues become Sochi Dog shelter residents and some shelter residents who need a little extra TLC spend time at Lena's home. Word has gotten around about Lena's amazing work and people have started using her kindness to drop off boxes of unwanted puppies right at her doorstep in the middle of the night. Below are photos of litter left at her home on July 7. These six girls were just 6-weeks old at the time. Now they are grown, getting their first round of vaccinations. They'll be available for adoption through Sochi Dogs very soon. Check back for details and tell your friends. 


July 7,  2017

October 2017

Sochi Dogs Picnic 

Saturday, October 7, Sochi Dogs from New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts gathered in Lewis Morris Park for a big reunion!  Dogs sniffed their old shelter buddies, k-9 moms greeted their puppies, siblings wagged tails, and adopters met up with Sochi Dogs cofounder Vlada Provotorova who started the shelter during the 2014 Olympics and who helped rescue all of their dogs! 

Camp Bow Wow, Morris, trainer Chris Wright shared training tips with adopters, like how to hold a leash while you're chatting, the best way to walk your dog, and more. It was a fun afternoon and we can't wait to do it again next year!

See you next year!