What would these 9 puppies do without Sochi Dogs? 

They were dropped off outside our shelter in the middle of the night. Neglected and abused they have worms, mites and one of the little girls has two broken paws and can't stand up and will need surgery. We've been working around the clock to take care of them. 

Why Sochi Dogs matter?  Check out our Rescue Stories here.

BEFORE: Tata , when she was found, winter 2014

AFTER: Tata is at home in Toronto, FEBRUARY 2015

3 Sisters, 3 Countries—One Incredible Story

Only a year ago three sisters were living under a bush outside of a hospital where they threatened to be killed by exterminators. 

Today three sisters Kat, Sochi and Molly live in Scotland, US and Canada respectively. 
Read their story here.


Chuck seeks companionship for games of fetch, and walks. He can stand on two paws and catch balls. Chuck would enjoy pets, gourmet dinners, and cozy couches.

Chuck is a great dog and we are very happy to give him a second chance. 

More info here.

Do you know about Vizslas? 

They are loyal, sensitive, intelligent, affectionate, eager, and enthusiastic.  Vizslas can be protectors, guide dogs, best friends, and the ultimate couch potatoes.

Meet our wonderful KaseyShe was found skinny and neglected roaming the streets of Sochi. Now she is healthy,  strong, full of energy and very affectionate. Kasey would be an amazing companion for an active family!

Sochi Dogs is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization committed to ending the suffering of stray dogs worldwide through education,adoption and low cost spay/neutering. Read more...

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Home for the Holidays:

For the first time this year nearly 30 Extraordinary strays from Sochi are home for the holidays! See photos of them in their homes and read what their owners have to say. Check out the book here.