About us

Since our founding during the 2014 Winter Olympic Games Sochi Dogs has been working to rescue stray and abandoned dogs through an active adoption program, spay/neuter initiatives and educational campaigns.

Sochi Dogs is not just a rescue organization, we are a vibrant community of advocates, dog-lovers and change makers who envision a kind and compassionate future. Join us!

What we do

We rescue stray and abandoned dogs in Sochi. With no active shelters, a temperate climate, and no public spay/neuter programs dogs are often left on the street and puppies are tossed out in boxes. Sochi Dogs is committed to rescuing homeless animals in need.

We actively reach out to rescuers and anyone helping homeless dogs to offer free/low-cost spay-neuter procedures for any dogs in their care. We envision a future where there are no more abandoned animals, it all starts just one dog at a time.

Sochi Dogs believes education has the power to create change. We run a Russia website about responsible pet ownership and importance of spaying animals. Additionally, we've run regular advertisements and pitch local media outlets to help bring awareness to the issue.

Sochi Dogs has a volunteer-run shelter with a live-in caretaker room for up to 60 dogs, a special quarantine area, and puppy play-pen. We work on a match-making process to place formerly abandoned dogs in homes all around the world.