Hi there,

My name is Vera, one of the permanent residents here at the Sochi Dogs shelter. I was found hiding underneath a dumpster. The kind folks at Sochi Dogs almost had to dig me out from under there because I was so scared to come out. I am very lucky they did because who knows what could have happened to me on the street, I may have gotten hit by a car, or snatched up by an exterminator. I'd rather not think about it because now I am safe and cared for at the Sochi Dogs shelter. 

It's taken me a long time to get used to things here and trust people. I used to hide in the back of my kennel, I am getting better now but going to a forever home would be too stressful for me so I am going to be living out here at the shelter. 

It's very generous of Sochi Dogs to let me stay here, I know most shelters don't let nervous "unadoptable" dogs like me just live out their lives at the shelter. But I've gotten pretty lucky, twice now! 

While I know I'm not ready to leave the shelter, it is nice to know that people are caring and thinking about me. I am looking for sponsors to help cover my stay at the shelter. It only costs a dollar a day, but it helps keeps the shelter open for dogs like me who have nowhere to go.  

Please consider sponsoring my stay! 

Summer 2015

Spring 2015, when found