The 2018 FIFA World Cup

The 2018 World Cup has brought Russia’s stray dogs back into the spotlight. Reports of mass killings of dogs are coming out around the country and with no animal rights laws there is little the individual citizens can do to help. At Sochi Dogs we are horrified about the situation, but we don’t sit back we believe in taking action and driving change.  

We know that extermination is only going to get worse as the matches approach so we are putting in all our efforts to save as many dogs as we can. Change happens one dog and one family at a time. We are working on taking dogs off the street and preventing dogs from ending up as strays.

While our rescue team is taking in as many dogs as our resources allow, we’ve also launched a new low cost spayed/neuter program that helps prevent dogs from ending up on the street. Through this initiative we’ve set up a bi-weekly spay/neuter clinic. Owners can sign up their dogs for the procedure in advance and Sochi Dogs subsidizes 50% of the cost.  This is the first time something like this has ever been offered. The program has been widely popular, particularly in rural communities. On our first weekend we spayed 8 dogs and 9 cats. This means that in the coming months an average of 56 dogs and 45 cats will not end up on the street. 

Sochi Dogs is a very small organization fighting for homeless animals against the efforts of a large government initiative. We need your help. If you can, please donate. Every dog that we take in costs us an average $160 in the first 4 weeks.