A few of the new puppies at the shelter. Donate now to help us support them and we'll send you a 20 oz bag of homemade dog treats. 

Support our Shelter!

Over the course of the past 3 months we’ve taken in 5 litters from a construction site, a supermarket, and just on the street — that’s 28 PUPPIES and 3 MOMS.

To help pay for food and veterinary care for all of these new dogs we are bringing back our most popular fundraiser: all-natural dog treats! 

Donate $25 or more anytime before July 4 and we'll send you a 20 oz bag of all natural homemade dog treats in one of these three delicious flavors: 

             Parmesan Herb - cheese, flour, olive oil, dried dog-friendly herbs
             Peanut Butter - peanut butter, milk, honey, canola oil, flour,oats
             Sochi Crisps - sweet potato, kaleflour,oatmeal, canola oil

Please note that these treats contain no preservatives and need to be frozen or refrigerated.  Due to customs regulations treats can be sent only within the United States. 

No dog, no problem! We can send treats to your friends! 

Please consider making a donation to help us care for our extraordinary strays.
Our dogs will be forever grateful and your dog will be delighted at the delicious treats.