Age: 2.5 year old
Weight:  60 lbs
Vet Record: 100% vaccinated, spayed, microchipped, female

Say hello to exotic Stesha, the Eastern European Village Dog! Did you know that this is an actual official breed? Village Dogs are extremely intelligent, gentle, loving, loyal, and have truly wonderful and happy personalities. Luckily for you Stesha is a perfect example of the best that Village Dogs have to offer! She is well balanced and confident in all situations, which means she has none of the fears that many dogs have. This is a major bonus for both you as her family, as well as for her. She enjoys car rides and leash walks, is excellent with children and dogs, and is happy to do anything you can possibly think of. Stesha loves all that family life entails and she is totally up for any kind of doggy games and cozy human snuggles.

Stesha is currently in a foster home and everyone who knows her just adores her! Put in your application today for this very special girl and get ready for the question, “wow, what kind of dog is she?”. It will be fun for you to teach people about Village Dogs, so get ready to up your coolness factor and put in your application today for sweet Stesha!