If You are in Sochi

Sochi Dogs is on the ground in Sochi rescuing stray and abandoned dogs. The 2018 World Cup has brought Russia’s stray dogs back into the spotlight. Reports of mass killings of dogs are coming out around the country.  At Sochi Dogs we are horrified about the situation, but we don’t sit back we believe in taking action and driving change.  Here is what we do and how to help.

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Our Shelter Dogs Need Lots of Food!

If you are in Sochi:

1. Stop by one of the stores below.
2. Pick up some food—dry, canned or treats! Our dogs love Purina!
3. Let the cashier know that you’re buying food for the Sochi Dogs shelter and leave it in the store.
4. Shoot us an email at info@sochidogs.org and let us know that there goodies waiting for pickup.

Lapa (Лапа)

Address: Severnaya 10, Sochi, Map, Phone: +7 862 264-92-58 Hours: 9AM–7PM

Zveruga, inside supermarket "Magnit", walking distance from the Olympic Park.

Address: Приреченская ул, 2/5, Сочи, Map, Phone: +7 (988) 234-77-67, Hours: 10AM–10PM


Want to Volunteer?

We are always looking for another pair of hands! Whether you want to walk the dogs, clean the kennels, train, or just give a couple of belly rubs we always appreciate help.

Please fill out a quick form here and we will contact you shortly to arrange your visit.


Looking to adopt?

Want to meet our dogs and potentially adopt one of them? Remember for every dog that gets adopted we are able to take another one off the street. Fill out an adoption questionnaire here.

We will do our best to contact you as soon as possible to arrange your visit to the shelter.

All of our dogs are fully vaccinated, spayed/neutered, and microchipped.


If You See a Dog That Needs Help:

Try to approach the dogs and feed it.
If the dog is friendly take it to one of the veterinarians below.
Get the dog tested for parvovirus, enteritis, and distemper virus
If the dog gets a clean bill of health, you can contact us and we may be able to take it into the shelter. We CANNOT take any dogs that have not been checked out by a veterinarian.
If you would like to adopt this dog, international laws requires you to wait 30 days after the dogs rabies vaccine before taking it out of the country. If you are looking to adopt the dog and need a holding spot for the 30 day period we may be able to help. Contact us here.

Vet. Clinics:

Gosvetlechebnitsa: Plastunskaya, 78, Sochi, Map
Phone: +7 (862) 268‒26‒09, +7 (862) 268‒36‒42 Hours: everyday from 8AM - 8 PM

Aibolit: Голубые Дали, 20/4, Adler, Sochi, Map
Phone: +7‒963‒161‒80‒39 Hours: everyday from 8:30AM - 10:30 PM

Dog Friendly Taxi Service:

RedTaxi: Phone: +7 (918) 190-00-00; +7 862 290-00-00

Taxi Argo: Phone: +7 (862) 261-11-11


Can’t Adopt Now? Virtual Adoption is an Option.

Do you have a soft spot for a dog but can’t adopt now. Consider sponsoring them at the shelter. Whether it’s $30 to feed them for a month, $10 for their monthly flea/heartworms/tick medication, or $50 to cover everything including treats, every dollar counts!

Fill out a sponsor form here to help.


No Dog Deserves to Suffer On the Street

We are committed to saving stray and abandoned dogs through rescue, education, adoption, and spay/neuter programs. Stand with us and support our mission.

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Together we can save more!